Description for Upcoming Classes

This comprehensive school will be once a week for 6 weeks and cover all the nooks and crannies. The classes will go as follows…

Week 1: Gear

This night will be very informative. With the help of Scheels’ knowledgeable staff you will learn about different brands of rods, reels, line, leader, waders, boots, vests and packs, and the tools you will need to make your day on the water easier. This information will be in an un-biased, non-pushy manner. We realize that different people like different gear and at different price points.

Week 2: Fish and Bugs

Fish: This night you will learn the different species of fish we have in our rivers and what they eat, when they spawn, life cycles, behavior and tendencies.
Bugs: You will be taught the beginning and end stages of our main bugs and the flies that can be used for each stage. You will leave with a handout that has color pictures and all the information we can give on fish and bugs!

Week 3: Casting

You will have an educational video showcasing an expert that will explain the different types of casts and the situations each cast will need to be used. After the video and class instruction you will get to go out and cast while being instructed by our Pro-Staff.

Week 4: Learning to Fish

You will learn line-rigging, knots, reading the river, strike detection, setting the hook and landing. The class will have demonstrations and then you will have a hands on opportunity to rig a line and tie some knots. There will also be a video featuring a Pro-Staff member that will physically show students how to read the river, strike detection, setting the hook and landing the fish.

Week 5: Basic Fly Tying Techniques

A pro staff expert will teach you some some basic flies that you can use that weekend on your river trip. We will have Pro-Staffers on hand to walk around and answer questions and provide assistance when needed. There is nothing more exciting than catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself!

Week 6: Graduation night

You will receive a graduation certificate that will have a picture of you with your first fish. We will also raffle off various products and have all our Pro-Staffers around to answer any final questions and express our gratitude for your time.

Guided River Trip

This is a great opportunity to get out and try out the things you have learned in class. We will have Pro-Staffers on hand to help instruct you on different ways to help you be successful on your own. There is no better way to learn than this! Pro-Staffers will be in the water with you to answer any questions and help in any way.

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