About Us

Tana Kohler

Lesa Hall has 20 years of experience in the outdoor industry. She is an owner of Trophy hunter Magazine and does graphic design for many of Utah’s outdoor related companies. She has hunted all over North America and has a passion for the outdoors. She started fly-fishing as an opportunity to spend more time with family as everyone can participate in this great sport!

Tana Kohler, daughter of Lesa and Rusty hall has been introduced to the outdoors at a young age. Since finding her passion in fly-fishing she is either with her husband and son or on a piece of water with her fly rod in hand.

Rusty Fishing in Alaska

Rusty Hall has been involved with the hunting/fishing industry since 1993 when he began publishing Trophy Hunter Magazine. He started Western Lands Outfitters in 1994 and currently takes many clients to destinations in Utah, Wyoming and Texas. He also publishes the record book for hunting for the state of Utah. Fishing has always been one of his interests and fly fishing is one of his favorite ways to spend time with his family.